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About Cotecna

About Cotecna UK

Cotecna has been committed to serving the inspection, verification, testing, assessments and certification requirements of clients and industry throughout the United Kingdom since 1982. Being part of a multinational organisation we have a network of approximately 100 offices with 4000 employees and agents worldwide.

Cotecna combines state-of-the-art technology and knowledge transfer with innovative, tailor-made services that meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse and growing range of clients.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified with 30 years of operational experience to offer. Explore our website and discover how Cotecna UK and the Cotecna Group can help your business.

About the Cotecna Group

Cotecna was founded in Switzerland in 1974 by Elie-Georges Massey and remains a family-owned business today. The Group’s international network comprises over 100 offices in more than 60 countries, with a workforce of close to 4000 employees and agents. Cotecna combines the professionalism, reliability, infrastructure and expertise of a long-established, world-class player with the flexibility and proximity of a smaller sized company.

The Group’s revenues have risen by nearly 120% over the past 10 years and Cotecna presently issues close to 400 thousand government certificates representing commercial goods valued at of over USD30 billion annually.

Anticipating needs in a changing environment

The Group has regularly proven itself a pioneer in the introduction of the latest technologies, such as high-energy cargo scanning and, most recently, secure electronic transfer of bankable documents.

Strategically expanding

The Cotecna Group is well placed in the market, with experience in providing government and commercial services in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  The Group is expanding its activities in all key markets, including Central and Southeast Asia, Central America and Eastern Europe. With its proven capacity to deliver solutions to clients in all markets, Cotecna is well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities to expand through organic growth and acquisitions.