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Inspection Services

Cotecna is a world-class global inspection, laboratory testing, certification and trade finance support services Group, with over 35 years of global experience. Our mission is to provide specialized international inspection, testing & trade finance-related services, offering innovative tailor-made solutions for the commodities and consumer goods sectors.

Cotecna provides expertise principally in the following areas:

  • Agricultural commodities: grains, pulses, oilseeds, vegetable and animal oils & fats, feedstuffs, fibres, sugar, coffee, cocoa, fruits & vegetables, frozen products, etc. and fertilizers (dry bulk liquid)
  • Metals and Minerals (ferrous, non-ferrous, ore, coal, scrap, etc.)
  • Chemical and Petroleum products
  • Marine surveys
  • Industrial equipment inspections
  • Vehicles inspections
  • Consumer Goods (textile and garment, hardware, DIY, house-wares, electrical appliances, furniture,sporting goods, toys & juvenile, premiums and sundries)
  • Trade Finance support services
  • Full Outturn Guarantees