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Customs Tariff Classification

Customs Tariff & HS Code Classification Service

What is HS Code Classification?

Our Customs Tariff, HS Code & HTS Code classification service is designed to help the international trade community minimise the financial risk of penalties levied for mis-declaration of their import and export codes.

We are aware of the increasing pressures felt by traders and their agents keen to avoid the large fines charged by some government bodies, and our service is designed to reduce this exposure.

We have over 25 years of experience in providing reliable HS code classification services to our customers, who include both businesses and Governments from around the world. Our analysts have successfully completed World Customs Organisation (WCO) HS code classification training and have a wealth of product knowledge and experience.

Benefits of HS Code Classification

  • Reassurance that the correct Tariff, HS & HTS code has been declared from an organisation that has the required knowledge and expertise to do this on your behalf
  • Minimising the risk of incurring fines for mis-declaration of the tariff code should you submit an incorrect HS Code on your paperwork
  • Avoidance of the risk of shipping inspectable goods before formalities are completed in the Country of supply
  • Prior knowledge of whether you will incur import duty liabilities
  • Access to guidance on the HS code changes made in the WCO 2017 Nomenclature

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If you believe that your company would benefit from our expertise in this area please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to discuss your specific import & export commodity code requirements and explain how our knowledge and experience may help your organization.

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