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Goods Inspection

Offering a complete range of tailor-made services including product inspection, process assessment and technical assistance, Cotecna’s global network of experts ensures that the product conforms to clients’ specifications and is safe for use. Each level of inspection includes, but is not limited to, a dedicated account manager, personalised report format, and a mutually agreed scope of work.

Why get a Goods Inspection?

Cotecna offers its clients a straight forward way to limit commercial risks when importing or exporting goods. Our inspections help to:

  • Ensure the quantity produced (finished and packed) matches with the quantity ordered
  • Ensure visual appearance (color, finish) matches with product ordered
  • Ensure product specifications (measurements, material, functions) comply with the order
  • Verify packaging, labeling, instructions and markings comply with mandatory standards

What kind of inspection is best for your product?

Goods Inspection Process

Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

An Initial Production Inspection is conducted at the very beginning of production, ideally after the vendor verification process (factory and/or social audit) has been completed. The objective of an Initial Production Inspection, or Pre Production Inspection (PPI), is to identify defective materials or components prior to the production process, thereby minimizing the risk of non-conformities and allowing for timely corrections where necessary. It can also identify if your vendor has correctly understood your order, avoiding miscommunication and ensuring that any deviations from the customer’s specifications are addressed early.

During Production Inspection (DPI/DUPRO)

The During Production Inspection, checks semi-finished or finished goods part-way through the production process. Generally, this takes place when between 40% of your order has been produced and 20% export-packed. Doing so improves your control over production and allows for timely correction of defects and improvements to quality.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

The Final Random Inspection checks finished products when at least 80% of your order has been produced and export-packed. Samples are selected at random, according to AQL sampling standards and procedures. The Final Random Inspection ensures that the production complies with your specifications and/or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit

Cargo Container Loading Supervision (LS)

For large orders Container Loading Supervision ensures that your order is completed and safely loaded in a container before shipment. This inspection ensures that the goods delivered by the factory are compliant with your requirements in terms of quantity, assortment, and packaging. A container loading inspection also ensures that the export cartons are securely loaded into the container, and that the container is in good condition (clean, dry, damage and odour free). For smaller orders, an inspection can be performed to ensure your product is adequately packaged for shipment.

Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

The Pre-shipment inspection will be performed based upon the requirements of the buyer and/or seller and may be required to satisfy the terms of a Letter of Credit. A PSI can be performed at any stage up to the point of shipment and can also include checks on the documentation demanded by the destination country

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If you believe that your company would benefit from our expertise in this area please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your specific inspection requirements and explain how we may help your organization.

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