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Supplier Sourcing and Procurement

Finding a reliable and high quality supplier at a low price can be problematic for small to medium-sized businesses particularly if they have no local network in the country from which they are sourcing their goods.

For example, China is one of the biggest manufacturing countries in the world and plays an important role in world trade but if you have no local contacts in country you may encounter issues.

High travel costs and language differences can also make it difficult for businesses to verify their suppliers themselves, and online directories and website information cannot always be trusted. Given this, how can you accurately assess suppliers and the products that they sell?

What we do

To address these issues, Cotecna has developed Sourcing and Procurement services designed to help businesses choose the right supplier. There are 6 components to this service. Clients are free to choose one or more service from the list in any combination according to their needs.

Supplier identification and selection

Don’t know which supplier to use? We can search for your ideal supplier based on your specific requirements.

Supplier verification

Not sure about your supplier? We can carry out the appropriate research to ensure that they are a trustworthy and compliant trader. Our report can include confirmation of their legal registration, registered capital, the year they were established, number of employees etc.

Goods Inspection

Are you confident that the goods purchased will match your expectations / golden sample? We offer a complete range of services including product inspection, process assessment and technical assistance. Cotecna’s network of experts will ensure that the product conforms to your specifications and is safe for use.

Price comparison

Are you paying too much for your goods? We can check the market prices and evaluate the correct price by obtaining quotations from a minimum of three suitable suppliers.

HS Code Classification

Don't know the Export / Import Customs rules and regulations? We can help classify your goods and advise on the specific HS tariff codes and tax rates that will apply.

Procurement auditing

Will your procurement procedure identify issues in the production process? Is quality guaranteed by your supplier? We can audit your suppliers management and quality control systems at any stage of the process to act as your eyes and ears in the office, factory, warehouse and port.

Key Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of using our service:

  • Ensure you find trustworthy and reliable suppliers
  • Find the best possible prices in the local market
  • Save time and travel costs
  • Establish long-term relationships with verified suppliers
  • Ensure quality control before confirmation of order and delivery
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that the goods ordered are the ones being shipped

Why Choose Cotecna?

Cotecna is one of the world’s leading Testing, Inspection and Certification companies. Cotecna combines state-of-art technology and knowledge transfer with innovative, tailor-made services to improve and secure trade environments around the world.

We are dedicated to providing quality supplier and sourcing audits, and verification services for goods of any origin. By using our services you can minimize your purchase risks and maximize potential cost savings, therefore improving your competitive edge.

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If you believe that your company would benefit from our expertise in this area please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and explain how our knowledge and experience may help your organization.

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